Aquamira UQC Splice Kit 1/4″

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Aquamira UQC Splice Kit 1/4″

The Frontier UQC Kit allows you to connect a UQC compatible filter to the hydration equipment you already use.


The Frontier UQC Splice Kit is the easiest and most effective way to integrate a UQC compatible filter (such as the Frontier Pro or Frontier Max) to a legacy hydration system or DIY setup. Using the splice kit is as easy as a quick snip and inserting the barbed connectors into your ?” tubing. When no filter is needed, the UQC splice connects together for standard, uninhibited usage of your tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal connectivity fits all hydration systems with 1/4″ hoses, including Camelbak? and Platypus?
  • Ideal for the Aquamira Frontier Pro and Aquamira Frontier Max UQC compatible filters
  • Two-button design prevents accidental disconnects
  • Valved connector shuts off liquid flow when disconnected
  • Smooth profile does not catch on equipment

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